European Oak

European Oak

Pro Finish now supplies Plank Floors range of Engineered European Oak.

Below is our pricing for Supply and Instillation of the different range. Please visit for all technical information.

Plank Floors come with a 25 Year structure warranty

Supplied and Installed (all prices are per m2 and exclude gst and delivery)

(DS) – Direct Stick    (UL) – Including Acoustic Underlay

Basso                14/3mm 158 x 1860  mm     $97.00    (DS)  $127.00 (UL)

Mezzano          15/4mm 189 x 1900  mm     $101.00   (DS)  $131.00 (UL)

Largo               20/6mm 220 x 2200 mm     $116.00   (DS)   $146.00 (UL)

Herringbone      15/4mm   90 x 540 mm     $102.00  (DS)   $132.00 (UL)