When it comes to timber floors, quality workmanship is paramount.

With over 25 years International experience in Australia and Canada, I know how important it is to provide quality long lasting Timber Floors.

Information on product is key to making the right decision in creating the look and feel you desire for your home.

Pro Finish does not use cheap or dangerous chemicals in your home environment, preferring to use the most advanced hardwearing non-toxic finishes available on the market today.


Floor Sanding is an art, not a job you learn in a week. Experience in floor sanding comes from years of working on many types of timber floors as well as using all finishes and stains in every type of climate.

Floor Sanding and Finishing is an art, even after 25 years of experience there is still more to learn. As with all trades, technology continues to change providing our industry with new products.

Pro Finish only works with the best quality Water based polyurethanes, German and American Floor sanding machinery.


Pro Finish specializes in custom installs of all domestic solid timber flooring as well as American hardwood timber floors such as American White Oak and Engineered Oak.

We offer the following services.

  • Hardwood Timber Installations
  • Custom Install Designs and inlays
  • Sanding and Finishing
  • Custom Staining and Color matching
  • Basketball court refurbishment
  • Basketball court Sanding and finishing
  • Non Toxic Water based Polyurethane Finishes
  • Dust Free environment
  • 100% project commitment

Our installation services include commercial, residential and Basketball Courts.